Bad Heist 66

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Bad Heist 66 Empty Bad Heist 66

Post  Clemenza on Wed Feb 27, 2008 4:58 am

Do not do similar heists please! This one was real "crap"!

You drive out past the big cemetery on the south side of town and come across a hearse, pulled up at a filling station.

The driver is taking a leak in the rest rooms and does not even get back before you speed off in his polished black hearse.

Your leader follows the stolen hearse in the car you left town with.

After a few miles you stop

You take a closer look at the contents of the hearse.

It is the body of a well known local drug dealer whom the Don of the local mob gunned down personally in a feud over 'Mafia ethics'.

You tip the coffin out of the back of the truck and steal the dead guy's watch. It alone is worth $12,637, dripping with diamonds and gold.

Just around the bend from where you dumped the corpse is the rest of the cortège.

They don't look happy to see you at all and as you speed away, they are already drawing weapons.

A chase through the countryside ensues.

Your cheapskate heist car catches a flat and you have to shoot your way out!

You don't do well in the gunfight.

Maybe you need to work on your kill skill. At least your leader gained 1 points.

They shot you up for 2 units of blood from the leader and 3 from the driver.

You make a swift retreat across the fields and walk back into town late.

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